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Tip 13. Never, Ever Recreate The Wheel When Someone Already Has It Rolling At Top Speed

If you're operating your business solo then you're doing it the hard way. Seek out someone who has already walked your path. Let them show you the easy way.

Mentoring will be the buzzword of this decade. All you need to do is to find someone who can help you understand your business from an "outsiders" perspective.

The role of a mentor can be as simple as asking, "why are you doing that?" Or you may like something more structured, like regular meetings.

There are professional mentors in every country. Sometimes hiring someone with no skills or understanding in your area of business can be a positive. Especially if you have a "I know it all myself" attitude. Companies regularly appoint independent directors for this very reason.

While you can pay someone to help you, another option is to join a support group. For example, do you have a local business club? If not, you can always start one up. In fact you may receive a government grant to do it.

Steps For Immediate Results

  1. Join the Inner Circle and take advantage of my monthly chat room sessions to find great ideas to improve your business. I'll have "guest chatters" who are experts in their field to help guide you through the business mine field.

  2. Call your local council or community center and find out if there is a business club you can join.

  3. Research possible government grants to aid you in your business development.



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