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Tip 14. Keep Focused On What's Really Important

My final tip is to remind you to keep a healthy perspective.

It's easy to become consumed with running a business. The hours blend into days, which blend into months. Pretty soon you've been in business for years.

I'm always sad when I see the results of obsessed business owners. In extreme cases your marriage can end, your children may be neglected and your health could suffer. Why would you let this happen?

Your business is supposed to provide you with an outlet to bring new rewards into your life. But this mustn't be at the detriment of sources of happiness already in your life. Don't sacrifice too much. The cost may not be worth it.

Have you been working too hard in your business? Have you missed the warning signs indicating other parts of your life are starting to deteriorate? It's no good having a successful business that relies on you if you're dead!

When was the last time you pleasantly surprised your family?

Make sure you're the master of your business, not the slave.



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