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Tip 6. Make More Money When You're Away From The Office Than When You’re In It


Make it a priority to work on your business while other people work in it.

Usually, the harder the owner works the more money the business makes. Giving up time to work on the business seems difficult because nothing is harder than giving up time you know will make money, to do something that might make money. But I recommend it in this case.

Opportunity finds people who look for it. If you're working hard in the business then you're unlikely to spot the opportunities on and around your business. In fact, you may not even see the pitfalls.

How do you start working on your business? If you're an Inner Circle member then work through the wealth strategies starter kit that you received on joining.

Otherwise, start by analyzing customer complaints and lost business. You can highlight ways for improvement by looking at areas where your business is performing poorly.

Take the time to find and analyze information about market trends and industry developments. This will highlight which markets are hungry and help you tailor your product or service to the market.

Also examine your customers buying history. Look at where most of your sales come from. Consider opportunities for developing a "back-end" sales strategy.

Working on your business also means monitoring how well you are achieving the reasons why you are in business.

Let other people work in your business, while you work on it.

Steps For Immediate Results.

  1. Allocate regular time to work solely on your business. Try to avoid being disturbed.

  2. Consider joining the Inner Circle to obtain access to the 'hot topic' analysis section. Each month the Wealth Tips Online team will select a wealth area of interest and analyse it with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how it may apply to you and more importantly, how you can capitalise on it.

  3. Make sure you delegate administration and low priority tasks to your employees




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