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Tip 7. Do Whatever Makes You The Most Money, First


This tip is simple. Do whatever makes you the most money first.

Ideally you will develop a routine to ensure that each task before you is allocated the appropriate time and resources to complete it. The problem is, with so many things to do, where do you start?

I recommend setting aside the first ten minutes of each day to write down everything that needs to be done. Once you have done this then go back and rank the list in order of what will put the most money in your pocket, with #1 being the most and so on.

After you have made your list and allocated priorities, start completing the task. After you have made some progress you'll feel a great sense of achievement and will be motivated to keep going.

Assign one staff member to handle all the administration or low rank items. If you have no staff then allocate the last hour of your working day to administration.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Don't waste it on tasks that won't put money in your pocket.

Finally, don’t be afraid to put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign. If you need quiet to think, then get all the quiet you need. Tell your employees when you'll be available to answer their questions, but request they don't interrupt you until then.

Steps For Immediate Results

  1. Assign a staff member to be in charge of all administration matters. Empower them to make limited decisions which are supported by strict internal controls.

  2. Commit to writing down your list of priorities every day. Turn the process into a habit. You'll find you are a lot more productive.

  3. Avoid being distracted by phone calls and other time sucking activities. Block out time to return calls rather than being regularly interrupted




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