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Secret 4 : Watch Over Your Castle.

You must protect your investment from people who would steal it from you. A wise person I know says "if you don't have a plan for your money then someone else does!" 

You need to protect it on three fronts. 

Firstly, you need to protect it from yourself. Money knows only one purpose and that is to make more money. You have the power to prevent this by spending it first. I recommend my WEALTH© strategy outlined in secret number 2 to help you avoid this. 

You also need to protect yourself from people who would steal it from you. We all live in an increasing litigious world. As a practicing accountant, I don't hold many assets in my own name just in case someone threatens to sue me. I want to protect my castle at all costs. I also own many rental properties and while I always try insure they are safe, I cannot prevent people from slipping and I don’t want my personal fortune in jeopardy because of a careless tenant.

I do this by using a number of strategies. I use corporations and trusts. If you don’t know what these are then I suggest you find a great accountant using my FREE report (click here to get it) immediately and seek advice about asset protection. 

Do you have enough insurance to protect your assets? People who don't have insurance to protect their assets, including their house and life, are asking for trouble. I view insurance as a cost of sleeping soundly at night. An attorney friend who specializes in bankruptcies was telling me the number one reason that people go bankrupt in the States is because they don't have adequate medical insurance. When they get sick they simply can't pay. Their only option is bankruptcy. You want to avoid this. 

Don't leave the castle doors open inviting people to get access to your fortune that you’ve worked so hard for. If needs be consult with an accountant and insurance broker to make sure that you have adequate protection. 

Secret number 4 is simply to protect yourself prudently from loss or the effects of litigation. 

Action Steps For Immediate Results

Accountants and attorneys can help you structure your affairs so you are legally protected. I recommend you consult with them to devise a strategy which is best suited for you. Use my FREE report to help find an adviser.



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