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Secret 6 : Acquire Multiple Streams Of Income

I've already said that you now earn a salary that could comfortably make you a millionaire if you only knew how. What is your current annual salary? I guarantee that when you were sixteen, the thought of earning that much money seemed like winning the lottery. So why is it so hard to make ends meet today?

House, cars, children, holidays, the cost of lunch at work...it's all so expensive! I know lots of people in this position. Their problem could be solved if they could only earn a few more bucks. The problem is, even when they find them, it still doesn’t help. 

Do you know anyone who is looking for a magic pill or get rich scheme to help them out of a financial squeeze?

The sixth secret is to acquire multiple streams of income that flow to you regardless of your regular employment.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the excellent book Rich Dad Poor Dad, outlines three types of income and can be summarized by:

  Earned IncomePortfolio IncomePassive Income
Generated by Your labor Your investments  
For example Salary, wages, tips, consulting fees Interest, dividends, capital gains Royalties, rent

Earned income is the most difficult to earn because it depends on how hard you work. It is difficult to acquire more earned income without increasing the number of hours that you work. 

The problem with earned income is that if you stop work then that income stream dries up. This is a problem you will be faced with in retirement. 

Are you planning to have enough portfolio and passive income streams to support your lifestyle in retirement once your earned income stream stops flowing?

If you are planning to work less, not more then you need to acquire portfolio and passive income. You need multiple streams of income

Currently I have the following sources of income: 

Earned IncomePortfolio IncomePassive Income
  • Accounting fees
  • Fees for teaching and running seminars
  • Income from private wealth creation newsletters
  • Interest from cash investments
  • Distributions from managed funds
  • Dividends from share investments
  • Capital gains from share investments
  • Private trust distribution
  • Royalties from seminar marketing
  • Royalties from selling product
  • Income from 40 plus investment properties
  • Income from internet affiliate programs

You can see that I have followed the sixth secret to creating massive personal wealth and created many sources of income.

Where is your largest source of income currently coming from? If it’s earned income, what happens if you lose your job? How long can you survive?

Most people think that losing their job happens to someone else. What about if you become ill and can no longer work? Who looks after you then? 

You must assume that any source of income could dry up at any moment. Having multiple sources of income helps protect you against the potential impact if this occurs.

It will take some time but I strongly suggest you acquire multiple streams of income.

Action Steps For Immediate Results

  1. Write down the various streams of income which you are currently receiving.

  2. Read "Rich Dad Poor Dad", by Robert Kiyosaki and "The Richest Man in Babylon", by George Clason.

  3. Understand magic pills and promises of fast cash rarely work. Improving your financial wellbeing is like working out at gym. Start off slow and focus on gradual increases. Don't go too hard or you'll burn out or suffer an injury. It will only take a few months for results to begin showing.



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