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Secret 7 : Obtain A Winning Attitude

To be a winner you need a winning attitude. This is the final secret. You can do this by becoming better educated and committing to a program of self-improvement.

As children we had fantastic dreams. Anything was possible and great adventures took place in the playground. As adults those dreams are replaced by the realities of responsibility. You need money to feed and clothe yourself and your family. 

When we start work we are like children in the playground again. You can see yourself as a leader in the organization. Doing your bit to make the world a better place. You are enthusiastic and eagerly take on new challenges.

For most people things generally go downhill from there. Instead of viewing their employment as an opportunity they begin to resent the fact that they work there. Your fellow work mates all complain about the bad pay and conditions and soon you believe them. Instead of looking forward to coming to work you start to feel trapped. The realities of responsibility have once again killed your dreams. 

Every year you make the trip into your supervisor’s office to ask for a rise. Sometimes you get it, sometimes not, but you always return to your work buddies and complain about how you were shafted ? again. You no longer want to impress your boss and have been relegated to underachiever status.

If this sounds like you then it’s time to change. If this sounds like your friends then you could need new friends. If this sounds like your boss then you need a new employer.

You have the amazing gift of life. You have the power and deserve to achieve tremendous fortune and prosperity. But you have to go and get it. If it was easy then everyone would do it. It?s not.

Start with your current job.

The best way to implement change is through the path of least resistance. Start coming to work with a refreshed attitude. Become a leader, not a troublemaker. Earn the respect of your peers and subordinates and you will soon see that success finds you. 

Once you are successful at work, branch out into other areas using the same success strategy. Have the attitude that you must learn at least one new thing every day. Shut out negative people and images. Look for the positive in every bad story you hear. Become a beacon of light for others. 

You can do this. And if you do you will find great success and riches, both monetary and otherwise. Start today. Start now. 

Action Steps For Immediate Results

  1. Start implementing these secrets today.

  2. Think about joining the Inner Circle to find out more about how to get started.

  3. Use my research page to see which tried and tested books and other products have helped me become financially independent. They'll help you too.



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