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E-Bulletin - Issue #1 April 2001    
E-Bulletin - Issue #2 May 2001    
E-Bulletin - Issue #3 June 2001    
E-Bulletin - Issue #4 July 2001    
E-Bulletin - Issue #5 August 2001

SWOT Analysis Sheet
Action Plan

PATTERN™: Property Purchase with Existing Tenant
PATTERN™: Tenant Due Diligence

PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #6 September 2001 Competitive Advantage Business Template
PATTERN™: Property Financial Analysis Template
PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #7 October 2001 PATTERN™ Offer Template PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #8 November 2001 Value Objectives
Ten Year Plan
PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #9 December 2001   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #10 January 2002   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #11 February 2002   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #12 March 2002   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #13 April 2002   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #14 May 2002   PDF File
E-Bulletin - Issue #15 June 2002   PDF File

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