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The other day I received the following unexpected e-mail:

"When I logged on to your site it was 5:15PM Sunday. I just logged out, 4 hours and 20 minutes later. I read everything there is to read, and printed some, and made some notes... In a nutshell (!) WOW. What a site." Sinan K.

In fact, since the site went live a few short months ago I've received many e-mails with similar comments and praise.

And let's be honest... there is a lot of fantastic free information at your fingertips with 'Confessions Of A Successful Real Estate Investor', 'Seven Secrets To Creating Massive Personal Wealth' and also the practical business tips to 'Help You Work Less And Earn More In Your Business'.

Has the site impressed you so far? Would you like access to even more great information? Keep reading...

Are You Planning To Be Rich Or Poor?

No doubt you'd like to be wealthy. Sadly though, when you reach retirement statistics reveal that 6 out of 10 people will be reliant on the government social security payments.

Of the remainder, most will live just above the pension threshold.

Perhaps only three in one hundred people will have the financial resources to live without the fear of money running out.

I'm planning to be one of those and I'd like to show you my plan for doing it so you can achieve the same result too.

Financial Independence

My wealth goal is financial independence... the freedom that comes from no longer having to worry about money.

How is it possible to forget about money? Well, you need to establish multiple streams of income that flow to you regardless of whether or not you work. How do you do that? Keep reading...

The Wealth Tips Online
Three Pillars Of Financial Independence

Pillar One - Personal Wealth

If there is one single secret I have discovered to becoming wealthy, it's the ability to start thinking like a wealthy person.

In fact, nearly all the battle to becoming wealthy is unchaining your mind from old money habits that don't work and embracing learning new ones that do.

You may be wondering "Can I by-pass learning good money habits?" The answer is no. If you don't learn ways to hang on to money and invest it effectively then you'll never accumulate enough funds to obtain financial independence.

Trying to become wealthy without good money habits is like trying to fill a bucket with a huge hole in the bottom of it... it doesn't matter how much water you tip in, it all falls out.

Only once you've embraced good money habits can you fully benefit from multiple streams of income. My own wealth strategy derives this income from two primary sources.... businesses and property.

Pillar Two - Business Wealth

You should look to develop a business that provides a continual flow of income with minimal work.

Don't get me wrong... developing such a business is not easy. But the way most people run a business ensures that it has a death sentence before it's even begun.

I've been working with Lena, a physiotherapist, for some years now to help her improve her business income.

When I first met Lena, she was typical of many small business owners. She worked long hours, was stuck for ideas about how to improve despite reading every so-called business expert and suffered from cyclical cashflow issues. Lena summed it up by saying:

"I think I'd reached a point in my business where I didn't know where to turn next. Instead of being fun, work became a chore and my mind started to drift. I couldn't understand why I was working so hard."

 But since working with Lena I've been able to help her dramatically boost her profits. In the first year her take home pay increased 17.8% alone.

From my experience as a chartered accountant I was able to implement a few key changes and immediately Lena's business improved.

"Steve helped me clarify what was important and gave me the tools to earn more money without working longer hours. In fact, I have recently hired another employee and plan to work less in the near future. I would strongly recommend working with Steve. His ideas are a little scary sometimes, but they're always dynamic and results oriented."

I believe anyone has the wherewithal to construct a successful business - either full or part time - once given the building blocks of success.

My business model isn't theory... It's currently working for me and I'd like to show you how you can use a business in your wealth strategy too.

Pillar Three - Positively Geared Real Estate

In many ways it's my real estate strategy that commands the most attention. You'd think that after buying more than fifty properties in less than two years I'd know what I was doing... and I do!

There are so many pitfalls to buying the right property that many people just put their heads in the sand and buy anything.

My wealth strategy involves buying the right property and ensuring I put the right tenant in it so that I make positive cashflow from day one.

Already the real estate investments my business partner and I have completed generate well over $100,000 per annum net cashflow and yield returns of 70% per annum and more.

Your Opportunity Is Knocking

I'd like to help you discover the road to financial independence too.

In fact, I'd like to invite you to join something that could prove to be the catalyst you've been searching for... This catalyst is titled Wealth Tips Online Inner Circle. It is already proven to be changing Australians' lives, and yours could be next.

The Wealth Tips Online Inner Circle is a unique tool for people serious about creating wealth in their lives. The Inner Circle is...

a goldmine of thoughts and proven life success strategies
you can duplicate in your life... starting today

These are NOT just a bunch of weak theories that may or may not work... these are ONLY practical and proven ways I'm currently using to create wealth privately, through my businesses and in real estate.

There is nothing, anywhere in the world, that provides the same facility.

Let me be more specific. Inner Circle membership provides you with the following three unique benefits:

Benefit #1. The Members-Only Inner Circle Wealth Tape Set

You'll receive your members-only Inner Circle Wealth Tape Set - a special three tape series. This set, valued at $197 is so insightful, that you will listen to it again and again and again.

Tape 1: Personal Wealth Habits

I've already said that the key to becoming wealthy is to start to think like a wealthy person.

This tape shows you how.

I discuss my attitude towards money and what strategies I use to capture and keep wealth. I'm also joined by qualified financial planner, Robert Chapman, who outlines his tips and techniques that anyone can use to start accumulating more personal wealth.

In other words, with this one tape alone, you will discover how you can become one of the small minority of "Money Attractive" people in this country. This tape contains everything you need to make that transition and start accumulating wealth.

Tape 2: Business Wealth

In this second tape I share with you the secrets I use to maximise the streams of income in my business... and how you can do the same (even if you don't already own a business!)

You will discover how to harness your existing skills and information and turn that into a continual source of income.

I'm not talking about setting up BHP in your lounge room; in fact you don't need to grow much past a small part-time business at first! That alone will be easy to manage and make you money.

In the tape I share with you my experience as a qualified accountant and small business owner. This is another tape you will listen to over and over again. It's essential listening for anyone who owns, or is thinking about developing, a business (large or small).

Tape 3: Real Estate

Positively geared real estate can and will provide you with a strong and continual source of full-time income (while only working at it part-time or perhaps not at all).

The property strategies I share in this tape are what I'm best known for... and this is the first time ever my business partner and I share our insights and strategies together on one extraordinary tape.

You'll discover the ins and outs of the real estate deals we've done. So you can learn from our mistakes and repeat our successes.

We reveal, amongst other things, how we buy properties below market value, how to avoid buying a property that will lose money and also a key tool in our negotiation process...the fair middle ground.

This tape is a frank, funny and fascinating outline of real estate investing that has the power to save you thousands and thousands of dollars when buying real estate... and more importantly can kick-start you into creating your own successful real estate portfolio.

Benefit #2. 'Financial Independence' - A Members Only Newsletter

Opportunities and strategies in this fast paced world change almost by the day so it is critical that you stay ahead of the pack (if you truly want to bring success into your life).

To ensure you, as a Wealth Tips Online Inner Circle Member, keep abreast of changes and opportunities you will receive a FREE Subscription to 'Financial Independence', a comprehensive members-only monthly e-bulletin that discusses specific topics relating to planning for and achieving financial independence.

In addition to my regular contributions, there will also be feature articles by accountants, lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents, stockbrokers, share traders, successful investors, marketing experts and information technology consultants.

In other words you will regularly receive a "package of tools" which will make your goal of financial independence easier to achieve. These tools will be shared first with Inner Circle Members long before they are released to the press and the genera public. This will ensure you keep an edge on the masses.

Benefit #3. Members Only Forum

Having tapes and a monthly newsletter is great...but what if you have a specific question you'd like answered? Well, you can just post it on the "Members only" forum.

The team of 'Wealth Tips Online' professionals are regular authors and contributors to this active discussion forum. You'll be able to find questions (and more importantly answers) about how to get the results you're looking for. And these are answers written by experts who charge up to $300 per hour for individual consulting.

Just imagine the money you can save by tapping into this 'Panel Of Experts." Got a quick legal question, post it and have a legal expert answer it for FREE... how about a real estate question, no longer do you need to book an appointment with an accountant or a lawyer, just post the question and receive your answer free.

And you'll have access to the questions and answers others are posing, so your question may already be answered before you even ask it. This Forum will prove to be a powerful (and FREE) source of expert advice you can tap into whenever you need to.

The Bottom Line...
If You're Looking For An Edge,
Or A Head Start To Begin Accumulating Wealth
Then Inner Circle Membership Is It!

Here's what some of the many happy Inner Circle members have to say about their membership so far:

" Logged in for the first time today after getting my ID and password for inner circle. Absolutely Fantastic !!!! Just wanted to let you know I'm extremely satisfied, very impressed and will be checking back often." Ian J.

"Just a quick note to say how lucky we are to have a forum such as this.... thankyou to Steve, Dave and all other 'forumees' for their much valued information." Murray C.

" I would encourage anyone with interest in real estate investing, and wraps in particular, to join. Why learn from anyone else but the best?" Frode E.

"The value of the advice available and the motivation factor from the other members is well worth the investment." Kylie R.

"Go for it! as you won't get information like this anywhere else!" Jim W.

"The quality of the forum members, then responses from you, David & Lewis was a breath of fresh air. I could not get enough of you or your site. Often experts in the field talk, and I am very critical and find some good points and some points that seem off. None of this at your site. All of your comments (you means three of you: you, David, Lewis) are coherent, congruent, consistent and of course full of wisdom." Sinan K.

"I'd recommend any person thinking of joining to get into it like a hungry dog - without hesitation; but only if you wanted to learn really useful, practical, money-saving stuff, that is!" Dave M.

"So far the my Inner Membership has been extremely inspiring. Great to be part of this membership and fantastic to see that there are others out there doing / achieving what I want to do / achieve." Tracey K.

"Inner Circle access is definitely It is definitely value for money for information that I have retrieved. I feel that I have learnt a lot since then. I am now waiting for my next lots in anticipation." Jasmine K.

"I wish the Inner Circle had happened earlier, but I'm glad its here and now the light at the end of the rat race is showing itself & I believe I can escape it never to return." Steve C.

"Membership has been excellent. I have picked up lots of info from the Forum and the Hot Topics have been of benefit... I am also thrilled that the site is Australian content, I know that what I am reading relates to what I am doing." Trish R.

I could go on and on and on...

Inner Circle membership retails for $397 per annum plus a $47 joining fee. But that's what fence sitters and procrastinators will pay, because if you can act now then you'll take advantage of a special introductory offer.

Save $100 And
Receive 3 Months Membership FREE

If you join online, then I'd like you to benefit by saving $100 and receiving 15 months membership for the price of 12.

This is an exclusive offer that is only available until the end of November.

You see, Inner Circle Membership is growing faster than even my most outrageous predictions and at some point the price will have to be increased substantially. But you're invited to get in now and not only take advantage of the lower price, but also receive 3 months FREE!

And remember, not only do you receive this 3 months FREE, you also still receive

Benefit #1. The Members-Only Inner Circle Wealth Tape Set

Benefit #2. 'Financial Independence' - A Members Only Newsletter

Benefit #3. Members Only Forum

Your Risk Free Guarantee

If you'd like to experience the Inner Circle before signing on a full member then the 'Try Before You Buy Option' will be perfect for you.

'Try Before You Buy' works by making your first seven days of membership free.

If during this time you believe that Inner Circle hasn't provided everything that's been promised and more, then I'll refund 100% of your administration and subscription fee with no questions asked.

On top of the 'Try Before You Buy' offer, I'm so sure that your Inner Circle membership is great value, I'm also offering the following Risk Free Guarantee.


If, at any time you feel your Inner Circle Membership has not provided you with everything that was promised and more, then contact us and we'll happily provide a 100% refund of your current unexpired membership fee.



You can find more information about our refund policy here.

Your 'Try Before You Buy' offer and 'Risk Free Guarantee' provides you with the peace of mind that should you feel the Inner Circle is not the great value that I've promised, then I'll happily provide the appropriate refund... no questions asked.

Don't be out of the loop!
Become an Inner Circle member today.

But be quick, this special offer is available for a limited time only.

Register your Interest

Unfortunately the Inner Circle is currently full. Click here to register your interest should a vacancy arise.


Steve McKnight

P.S. If you have any concerns or questions then call Brent in the office toll free on 1800 660 630.



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