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Welcome to the About This Site page. Here's a list of the topics discussed:

About Me

Hi, my name is Steve McKnight and I'm the designer, developer and webmaster of this site - Wealth Tips Online.

I run a small accounting business and a large real estate investment company. I also teach at a tertiary and post-graduate level. My accounting business has an annual turnover of about $200,000 and is a classic small business. I currently co-own over 50 houses which provide more than $100,000 per annum of net passive income.

My students and clients think my ideas are sometimes scary. I would probably agree with this, but these same ideas have helped achieve my financially independent status. Generally, my objectives are to be daring, different and first.

I constantly travel the world looking for the best "wealth creation" ideas. I regularly travel to North America to attend the latest conference and to hear my favorite speakers. In my office you'll find just about every imaginable tape set and manual on wealth and marketing.

My Personal Wealth Goals

My ultimate personal wealth goal is to acquire ownership of a generous source of income which flows to me regardless of my job. This will allow me the time to do the things I really love, one of which is teaching other people how to be financially independent.

This outlook has helped me acquire an extensive property portfolio in less than twelve months. I enjoy the challenge of proving people who say “you can’t do that” wrong.

I have the aim of being daring, different and first with everything I attempt.

My Personal Wealth Situation

I’m sure you'll laugh when you read this section.

Not so long ago, I was knee deep in accounting work when I realised I didn’t want to be an accountant. My goal of financial independence just wasn't being achieved by working for another accountant.

David (my business partner) and I joked that we didn’t know one (truly) wealthy accountant, so we decided to do something daring, different and first.

We attended a seminar in May 1999 which changed our lives. We re-evaluated our goals and decided to venture into real estate investing. Now, 13 months later, now own 43 houses, funded by the money we earn from our accounting business. These houses provide us with a passive income stream of over $100,000 per year – enough for our wives to stop working.

I strongly believe anyone can do this when shown how. That is why I created the Inner Circle.

This Site

I began planning this site after attending a seminar in Vancouver (Canada) in July 1999. I didn't want to create just another accounting site. I wanted to provide you with something of value that would help you achieve more from your business or employment situation.

Structure of This Site

This site has two levels, a general level and the Inner Circle, a member only section.

The general level is available free to all visitors. The information you'll find has the power to transform your business or create massive personal wealth. It really does. But how much you achieve is dependent on what you want and how much time you can put in.

The member only section contains a lot more of the "how" to do it. It is designed for people who don't have a lot of time and just want to be shown the quickest way. If you'd like to learn more then click here.

Aims for this Site

I think you have a right to get information which will educate you about how to become wealthier, if that's what you're looking for.

Sadly, a lot of the advisers I've met talk about doing "it" but don't do "it" in practice. I wanted to share with you information that I know works, because I use it everyday myself.

No other site I’ve ever visited or heard about provides the level of detail you’ll find here. It has cost a significant amount of money to set this up, but if you find one piece of information beneficial, then it’s been worthwhile.

My specific goals for the site are:

  • To provide financial information for people are interested in improving their business or personal wealth.
  • Create a network of people who would like to be shown "how to do it" by someone who is doing it, rather than relying on unproven systems which may or may not work.
  • Acquire another source of passive income, 10% of which will be allocated to setting up and funding a private foundation.

How to Use this Site

Ideally you will read the information and use it to your best advantage. As you read, keep some paper handy so you can write down your ideas.

You may like to purchase some of the resources which are listed on the site. I have only recommended products that I have found to be very useful and work.

I strongly recommend you regularly return and reread the information contained on this site.

Let Me Know Your Feedback

I would be very interested to receive any feedback you have on this site. I'll be regularly adding new features so please contact me and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you return soon.


Stephen McKnight
Wealth Tips Online

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