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Making Money In Real Estate

Confessions Of A Successful Real Estate Investor

In May 1999, I knew nothing about property investing. But in 18 short months, I acquired 43 houses, which provide a cash flow stream of more than $100,000 per annum in net passive income.

No, it wasn't all that hard and yes, you can do it too!

When I began buying houses I had no idea about the property investing game. I was confused by the many "gurus" espousing their wisdom on how you could buy property with no money, and using fancy terms like "wraps" and "flips".

All I wanted, was a house in a good condition that returned to me passive income. But nowhere could I learn how to do this in plain english!

That's why I've created this section of Wealth Tips Online. Whether you're starting off or a seasoned investor, I want to help you make more money from real estate.

This section of Wealth Tips Online is made up of Five Property Investing Wealth Chapters. Here's a list of each Chapter:

Chapter 1: Understanding Property As An Investment
Chapter 2: Tips For Beginners - Avoid Common Ways People Lose Their Shirt
Chapter 3: Four Proven Property Investment Strategies
Chapter 4: Secrets Of Success
Chapter 5: Making Money. How To Analyze The Numbers

The Inner Circle contains more information about real estate investing. Members receive a special audio recording where my business partner and I outline more of our property investing strategies, including how to buy properties below market value. If you're serious about maximizing your property investment returns, then I invite you to join today.

Finally, I have a free e-bulletin titled "Property Secrets Revealed! Practical Real Estate Investing Tips That Work". If you'd like to subscribe, then click here.


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